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Christmas Angels by Denver author Elaine Marlier

“Can an old man…should an old man cry? Maybe John Wayne would say no, but old John Wayne never read Christmas Angels. Ms. Marlier presents us with a story – a Christmas story - that will and should emotionally move any human with a scintilla of feeling. When an old man is homeless, sleeping against a dumpster in fear that he will be prevented from looking for a meal, only one thing can bring warmth and companionship, a four-legged furry friend…a dog he names Angel.

Christmas Angels is indeed a story of loss, hunger, loneliness and the fear of daily life from the standpoint of one of those ragged people we all see and know about, those who wander the streets of every city. Most people walk past those unfortunate souls with little compassion. After all they are just society’s outcasts, there because they can do nothing else but live off the leftovers the rest of us cast away. After reading this book you might have a different opinion, not about the homeless, but how and why some of those people arrived at their station in life and why you are gifted with so much more than they. We highly encourage every dog lover and anyone with a heart to read this very poignant story. It is far more than just a Christmas tale; it is a story of caring, hopefulness and the inevitable bond between a man, a dog and even an angel. This story will touch your heart; you may cry, but that’s okay.”

Stephen L. Brauns

Loved this book! :)

I love this Elaine Marlier book! I am planning on buying another copy for my daughter for her 19th birthday next month! This is a very good book to give as a gift or to have in your own collection! I really enjoyed reading this book as if was easy-reading and emphasizes the importance of adoption of animals! :)

Traci B. Watertown, NY

You won’t be able to put it down…

You won’t be able to put it down. Simply marvelous, a true work of art. This book is a must read for any animal lover, and when you are done, be sure to pass it on. I brought it to my vet’s office when I was finished reading it, they keep it in the lobby. Highly recommend you read this, it will move you.

Sheryl J. Lee, NH

Couldn’t put it down…

This is my second Elaine Marlier book. As with the tales of dog adoptions, this too is a must read. I received my book on Saturday and had it finished by Sunday. So much for keeping it to a chapter per night which I like to do when reading in bed. I couldn’t put it down. Author Elaine Marlier did a great job of writing through the eyes of the kittens and cats. You were able to see what they saw. Again, Artist Judith Angell Meyer did a wonderful job of portraying the animals in each chapter, this time it was the felines. You will love the ending…

Maxxie Brown Mount Morris, NY

Excellent reading…

Well written and had the ability to capture you in the moment. Excellent read!

Sheila S. Round Rock, TX


We own a copy of this at our library, I have read it twice and use it for animal displays.

Jennifer B. Seneca, IL

The best!

Reality well spoken!

Doran Southlake TX

This book makes your heart smile!

A wonderful read for all ages! This book shows why pet adoption vs buying is so very important and well worth it!

Lindsay S. Littleton, CO

Warm and Inspirational…

Warm and Inspirational, this book will tug at your heartstrings. There are a lot of bad people out there, this book tells about the good ones.


Wonderful book for kids and adults…

This is a really nice book to give to someone who may not realize how important it is to adopt a pet and not purchase one. It’s easy reading with a really nice message. I would recommend it to anyone who loves animals.

CFD Dumont, NJ

Great Educational Tool…

My young daughter and I both loved the book, Without A Home Cat Adoptions. It makes one realize the true plight of unwanted animals and teaches that whether the animal is beautiful, or homely looking with imperfections, they all have their special personalities and a great deal to offer when considering adoption. This would be a great book to place in a library after reading, as it is a great tool for educating the younger ones and is of interest to the older crowd as well. Excellent book!

Sally B. McDonald, PA

Touching and all too true…

Elaine Marlier has managed to capture what we all know must happen on a daily basis to animals everywhere. Whether they are strays, in shelters, or already adopted, the cats here are presented in a very recognizable light. They stories are well presented with gorgeous illustrations that match the characters perfectly. There’s more to this book than just the stories too. Elaine has included resource information at the back as well as a touching forward story and one about the rainbow bridge our animals cross. I highly recommend this series of books for children, teens and adults. The stories are easy, enjoyable and engaging and are not to be missed.

Lori C. Orlando, FL

Had to read it all at once…

I just received the book on Friday and thought I would read it slowly but could not! What wonderful stories! I cried through each one. I love how Elaine incorporated the dog's point of view into the story. I believe in destiny. My first adopted pet was a cat and I knew she was for me when she put out her paw and touched my hand. If not for a little dog jumping up on his cage he would not have got our attention and we would not have noticed the other dog beside him and gone home from the shelter without a dog rather than adopting two. I especially loved the stories about Yogi and Sal. It is definitely something magical when you adopt a dog. There are dogs meant for special people. Thank you Elaine for such wonderful stories. Definitely a must read.

Carol Ann Reading, MA

Very heartwarming…

I loved this book. I wanted to read it all at once, but saved it for a story per night. Author Elaine Marlier did a great job of writing through the eyes of the dog. Without giving anything away, I was very pleased how some of the dog’s chapters complimented each other. Artist Judith Angell Meyer did a wonderful job of portraying the dogs in each chapter. This book is a must read. I had tears streaming down my face. Now I must order the tales of cat adoptions.

Maxxie Brown Mount Morris, NY

What a beautiful book…

I loved this book. It was so heartfelt and warm. A reminder that we cannot take animals for granted. They can only “tell” us their needs in so many ways. We have to be mindful to think of what they need and give it to them. Our animals love us unconditionally, we should show them the same respect. This book is a great educational tool as well as it reminds people to adopt their next pet from a shelter. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a dog.

Gigi Edgewater, NJ

Future Christmas presents…

As a shelter director, I am always looking for books about shelter animals. I love reading the success, the love, the friendships that are made, and this is why I love the Without A Home. It is books like this that give shelters the power to say “see, this could be you in this story”. I know that DNJ Books is donating some of their proceeds to help shelters and rescues. So you can bet I will be getting several of these for Christmas gifts this year.

Betty P. London, OH

This is a wonderful book

It reminds you of the importance of animal rescue and adopting. Taking a homeless animal into your home is one of the most rewarding things you can do. This book provides stories that make you cry, but they also inspire hope.

D.W. Old Bethpage, NY

Touches your heart…

I would recommend this book to anyone that either operates or volunteers at a shelter! Everyone needs a pick me up now and then, even though this book will make you cry…it really goes to show you just how important the job that we do is!

Kim C. Parnell

Heartwarming stories…

I loved this book and once I finished it, I donated it to my school for others to enjoy. These stories bring tears to your eyes, but the endings are thought provoking.

Sally R. Alsip, IL

A gift…

The girls at the health clinic where my wife works gave her this book when we adopted Zoie. I love it. My wife cried at some of the stories.

Rex Glasgow, KY

Wow…I loved it…

I loved this book. It showed some distinct issues that shelter dogs may come with, and how their adopters worked through this with them.

Seniors - Ottawa, IL

Wonderful book…

This is a wonderful book. I just don’t know what my live would be like without my rescue/shelter dogs.

Mary K. La Porte, TX


There is a book for dog lovers and there is a book for cat lovers. We have both.

Michelle L Seneca IL


I love to read and this is a book I have added to my collection.

Glenda Louisville, KY

“Dedicated to publishing books that promote and encourage the welfare of animals…”