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Author Elaine Marlier is the proud mom of five adopted fur kids, Gracie, Helen, Isaac, Jake and Jordan.

She is the author of the “Without A Home” series of books on animal adoptions, “Christmas Angels” as well as the Editor and Publisher of A Sheltered Life magazine. She has worked with hundreds of rescues and shelters over the past years hosting adoption events, and has been instrumental in helping to save the lives of hundreds of homeless animals.

All of her book signing events give back to the animals in need.

The Author

Me and the girls

Destiny - "Desi"
She is 13 1/2 years old
Adopted as a puppy
Rest in peace beloved angel
"Teacher of life"
May 4th 2011

Destiny - I was at a flea market with a friend of mine in Atlanta. She was standing about fifty feet away from me. I was looking at an armoire, and she was screaming at me from the distance. When I walked down to where she was, she was holding this little black ball of fur. Up until that time I had always been a cat person, for I was always working, or on the go, and never did seem to be at home. Cats don't really need you to be at home a lot, just be there for them when you are home.

The little puppy was sooooo cute, I just couldn't resist. Knowing a dog was the last thing on earth I needed, or knew anything about, I cradled her in my arms. That did it! Had no clue what I was going to do, why I was doing it, but I just knew.

On the drive home we sat in silence while I wondered what I was going to name her. Suddenly it hit me…I would name her Destiny. I was destined to be at the flea market at that particular time. I was destined to meet her. We were destined to be together.

And how true her name fits, for until I met that one sweet little puppy, I never knew how much passion and compassion I had for animals. She has shown me my own true destiny in life.

I have slowed way down, and l have learned to enjoy the simple things. And, I have learned how to be the person that an animal, who depends solely on a human being to take care of them, needs me to be.

She is 9 years old
Adopted as a puppy

Rest in peace little angel

November 4th, 2010

Naomi - After moving to Colorado, Naomi joined our household as a companion for Destiny. She was an absolutely horrible puppy. I was told upon adopting her that she was a Labrador mix. Boy were they wrong, wrong, wrong! She is actually an Australian Kelpie. A cattle dog - a herding dog. She chewed holes in the walls of my house, actually eating the drywall and paint. She chewed completely through one of the spindles on the hallway banister. She nipped at the heals of everyone she came in contact with and actually got me in trouble with animal control. But I never gave up on her. To have done so would have been back to the shelter, and being classified as "unadoptable." I couldn't even think of what would have been her fate. So I hung in there. When I adopted her, it was almost like a marriage - for better or worse. We've been through the worse. Now these days, they are "the better."

Meet the newest member of our family - Isaac.  Isaac is a nine year old Chocolate lab who comes to us from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. He joined our family in the beginning of July, 2011 when one of his owners passed away.

He is a perfect fit!
Pictured with Isaac are Gracie and Helen.                                

We are so lucky to have been chosen by a senior dog!

She is 13 ½  years old
Adopted at 6 1/2 years

Gracie - was the victim of a move, and the, "I couldn't take her with me," excuse. A six and a half year old, beautiful, blockhead, very well mannered, pure bred Lab. I was attending an event in which she was up for adoption. While walking her around with her "adopt me" bandana around her neck, I just could not believe anyone could turn their back on her. Late in the afternoon, while visiting with one of the volunteers of the shelter, I learned of her devastating fate. She had only been surrendered to the shelter on Tuesday, this was a Saturday, and she was scheduled for euthanasia on Monday. Why? Because she was six and half, black, and considered very hard to adopt. Without even one thought, I handed the volunteer the leash, walked inside the store and got my checkbook. Within 30 minutes, Gracie was mine. My intent was not to keep her, just save her life. I had many animal loving friends and I was sure I could find her a great home. However, when I returned home that evening and walked in the door with her, Destiny and Naomi met her at the door with open paws. That was when I knew I would be the happy, proud mom of not two dogs, but three!

She is 10 years old
Adopted at age 2

Helen - Cary had been divorced for a year and was longing for a companion. Upon the encouragement of friends, he decided to get a dog. Upon seeing Helen on a website, he fell in love. He went down to the center and adopted her. After only a day or so, he noticed she was limping around the house. When he took her back to the center, it was then they informed him that she had been hit by a car, causing leg and hip injuries to her. They offered to take her back, and give him another dog. There really wasn't anything they could do to fix the injuries at that point.
He absolutely said, "no," and took her back home. No matter her issues, she was the one meant for him. They shared a great one on one relationship until one day, at the Chatfield State Reservoir, Cary met me, and Helen met Destiny, Naomi and Gracie.

Now we are one big happy family, and we lovingly refer to Helen - aka - Strawberry girl - as "Runs with Crooked legs"!

Jake and Jordan making nice.

Jake - was the introduction of a "new brother" to my cat Justin who came from Atlanta to Colorado with Destiny and me. After adopting Naomi as a companion for Destiny, I felt Justin needed a brother to make the house whole. Those two were something else. Justin did not care about Jake's broken tail, and neither did I. He was the right cat for our house. Those two got along together so well. Jake, with his bent, crooked tail, was the actual inspiration for the story of "BT" - aka - "Broken Tail Kitty."

After Justin  was diagnosed with sever renal failure, he soon went to "Rainbow Bridge". Making the decision to put an animal to sleep is probably one of the toughest decisions in life one will ever make. But you seriously have to look at what is best for the animal. As humans we become selfish because we do not want to let go, but one has to look beyond that and think of the welfare of the animal. If there is no quality of life for that animal, it is not fair to continue their suffering for our selfish needs. And then, you absolutely must cling to the good memories, those that you shared, and know, that the animal had the best possible life it could have ever had. That is what gets you through it.

He is 11 years old
Adopted at 9 months

Jordon is 8 years old
Adopted at 5 months

Jordan - I would never tell anyone who has just put an animal down, to adopt yet another one in a day or two. That however, is exactly what I did. Only two short days after the loss of Justin, the shelter kitten named "Billie" came into my life. Totally in awe at how much he resembled Justin, same white coloring, almost the same markings, I didn't even give it another thought. Jake was having a really rough time without his buddy Justin. You could see it in his every movement. Something was missing from our house, and he just wasn't the same cat. So, only two days after the loss of Justin, Billie, the five month old kitten that was the spitting image of Justin, the kitten who could have easily been Justin's son, became the newest member of our household, Jake's new best friend, and my son Jordan.