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The Artist

Artist - Judith Angell Meyer is the proud Mom of one adopted and grateful gelding, and one brat, queen of the pasture horse.Then there is one adopted wee little dog ... who is not at all spoiled!  Judith is a self employed artist and illustrator, who specializes in pet portraits created for you in pencil or watercolors. You can see her work at her web site:                      Fortmeyereditions.com

1958 - 1995
He was 37 when he died
So many tales to tell, so little time!

1958 - 1995
He was 37 when he died
So many tales to tell, so little time! Night Owl - was a very special horse. I had him for 31 of his 37 years. He was 1/2 Quarter horse and 1/2 Thoroughbred, but you couldn't see the Quarter in him. He was a jumper at Madison Square Garden in his day, and taught me the ins and outs of jumping, and balance. Once, going over a jump, I lost my balance. He had taken the jump on his left lead, I "fell" to the right, and when he landed he had switched to his right lead putting his weight under me preventing a fall, and we were perfectly in line for the next fence. He would not jump a fence that was beneath his dignity. And he taught my daughter about the intelligence of a horse, how to know what to look for and how to jump a horse with ease. He could clear a 6 foot fence. Yet the little boys could walk around his legs and under his belly and he never moved.

Night Owl was a very special horse indeed.

Count - Came to me through friends retiring and had to really down size. I knew he should be here, and he has been a delight. I suppose he takes to my fussing on him because the other horses in the pasture pick on him. Spirit is the pasture Queen and he is really the outsider. So I pamper him, which, I suppose only makes Spirit all the more determined to keep him on the perimeter. He is forever rolling in the mud, getting his white/grey hide as black as he can. I tease that he is trying to change his color so the others will accept him. Don't think it is going to work!

He is a pretty boy and a handsome ride. Prancing and dancing. Not the horse you want on an all day ride by himself, but he is quiet on a ride with a group.

We had rescued two other horses along the years. Josey was owned by someone who didn't take care of her. We didn't see any other choice but to love on her and pamper her. Same thing with Brandy too. She was cared for for a while and then the owner just disappeared. No word. So our family of horses grew.

Self Portrait

Gizmo - And then there is Gizmo. Gizmo was my son's dog originally, and when he had to be away for a couple years, he gave him to a woman and her kids, not sure he could ever come back for him.

When he did come back he discovered that Gizmo was living with 6 other larger dogs and a young child who enjoyed chasing, scaring and hitting him with a fly swatter. So when my son moved in with me he brought Gizmo. I wasn't too thrilled when he called and asked, enjoying my autonomy without a dog to look after, but he assured me that I would like this little guy, and he had to take him out of those conditions.

A year later when it was time for my son to move to his own place, I wouldn't let him take Gizmo. My heart was completely won over. He is smart, (too smart), adorable, fast and funny. But not spoiled. Did I say he was adorable? He filled a hole I didn't even know I had. I don't know what I'd do without him, and he makes me believe that he couldn't live without me. ~ A perfect match! ~


Died 8/20/2011
He turned 26 years old in March
He was adopted from an older couple
who were retiring.

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Spazz - I have a new doglette.  She is a chihuahua and she and another dog were dumped out in the road in front of my house.  The other dog was taken in by my friend Sharon and has a good home now too.  From Spazz’ actions, she has been kicked, she is terrified of a plastic bag. ( So was Gizmo, but got him over that in a short time, Spazz still is afraid.)  Has gotten over having her back side touched.  She has a real door thing.  Won’t go out without some coaxing.  Sure makes you wonder what all she went through at such a young age.  Makes me angry.

I named my new girl Spazz,  because she can run into every room of my house and get back to me in under 0.2 seconds. :-)  She is so fast.  And with those ears, she can hear a fly to chase buzzing clear across the room.  She is a cat chaser and sits on the back of my lounger and barks at all the cats that cross the yard.  She was about a year old according to the vet, so that makes her now 2 this August.  She is a lap warmer and sleeps under the covers curled up in my lap each night.  She has many looks that show me how grateful she is to have a safe home.